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This journal is mostly about the items which appear below, on my interests list. If you would like to add me to your friends' list, say hello and let me know how you found my journal. I'm always curious as to how people find their way here.

Interests (150):

1980s, 77 style punk, alfred hitchcock, america, andy warhol, astronomy, baileys, baroque, baths, bbc 6 music, being underwater, big breakfasts, big brother, björk, body massages, brasil, bread & butter, britain, burek, caipirinhas, canada, chocolate, coffee, comment whoring, corrego do bom jesus, david bowie, david lynch, dead can dance, dead cities, derek jarman, deserts, dexter, dogs, egon schiele, erasure, feta cheese, fiction about lj friends, films not movies, france, gabriel garcia marquez, gardens at night, gay, ghost stories, global warming, golden oldies, gossip, goths admirer, greek food, hal ashby, haruki murakami, herman hesse, history, hong kong, horizon, hurricanes, independent cinema, jane austen, jg ballard, john waters, jt leroy, karlheinz weinberger, kids in the hall, ladytron, league of gentlemen, libraries, lighthouses, london, londrina, lukas moodysson, madredeus, mannerism, margaret atwood, marijuana, mike davis, milan kundera, mile end, mixed tapes, montreal, morrissey, motown, murder mysteries, museums, music that bleeps, nanowrimo, naps, national theatre, new york city, nintendo, occultism, old postcards, oliver sieber, os abimonistas, oscar wilde, ozbus, parrots, patti smith, pedro almodóvar, pet shop boys, poetry, quebec, queer cinema, queer theory, queijo mineiro, random in life, random journals, reiki, robert harris, rockabilly boys, santropol, sao paulo, science fiction, scorpio ascendants, seas and oceans, siddhartha, singapore, siouxsie and the banshees, slavoj žižek, soap operas, south africa, suede, surrealism, sweden, swimming, tarot cards, tetê, the beat generation, the cure, the magnetic fields, the moon, the self as spiral, the smiths, the velvet underground, thunderstorms, tropical islands, twin peaks, urban legends, ursula k le guin, video games, virginia woolf, vive la fete, walks, watermelons, way of the witches, weightlifting, wine, wislawa szymborska, woody allen, world disasters, yoga, zombies
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