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I refuse to believe this man is behind the current hacker attacks on LJ!!
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Lets add these two to our Gingerganza.

How could I have forgotten them? )
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[Poll #1652935]

Ginger beauty is highly underrated. I didn't know anyone ginger growing up in Brasil so it was a bit of a novelty meeting so many when I moved to England (especially through LJ). Yes, yes, "many of my closest friends are ginger," etc. I always flinch when I hear a prejudiced comment against anyone with red hair so I hope this post will go some way in changing people's perceptions of how hot ginger (guys in this case) can be.

This post is mostly dedicated to [ profile] the_meanest_cat, who started a chat with me in [ profile] moral_vacuum's journal about how ginger men - Mick Hucknall notwithstanding - are quite attractive.

Feel free to add more names and pictures in the comments section. Have I left anyone out other than Prince Harry? (Who I decided not to include thanks to off putting photos on Google Image).

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Brasil's largest shanty town threw its first gay pride parade yesterday. Lots of great photos here.

I'm so happy that, from what I hear, it was a large, peaceful and successful event. I'm so used to hearing about violence and crime in Rio de Janeiro - it's a nice change to see a particular neighbourhood with a bad reputation putting on an event that goes well.
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If you ever happen to be in the Shadwell/Limehouse area (London's Docklands) or you want somewhere unusual to go for a cup of coffee, a meal and a spot of art, then I highly recommend the Wapping Project. It used to be Wapping's Hydraulic Power Station and much of the original equipment and building features are still there. In the back, there's a large warehouse type room where different art projects get showcased from time to time.

Wapping Project Bookshop

We visited the Wapping Project last weekend because [ profile] wink_martindale thought there was a bookshop on its roof. The bookshop is actually on the lawn outside the building, with pillows and chairs scattered about for you to read or drink your coffee/tea in peace.

Wapping Project Cappuccinos

I've been enjoying this summer but I'm no fool in thinking London doesn't need some rain soon. We lay in the park yesterday and all the grass was brittle and dry. Brought back memories of that summer a few years back when everything got scorched and some people passed away because of the heat. That would be terrible! In my ideal world, it rains all week during the day and the nights are balmy and quiet; during the weekends we get lovely sunny weather up there in the 40s Celsius. Wouldn't that be perfect?

On Friday, we had some drinks with [ profile] rosamicula and her friends in Saff London because she's soon off to somewhere that rains all week, has balmy and quiet nights, and the weather can go up to the 40s: Sri Lanka! Or at least that's my guess of what Sri Lanka is like. I didn't think I'd know anyone apart from Rosamicula at the gathering (in a beer garden at the end of Lower Marsh), but quite a few recognisable (and one or two infamous) faces were present. It was a particular pleasure to speak to [ profile] stickette, who has known Rosamicula since they were 11, as well as catch up with [ profile] arkady. Arkady got to meet Wink and our table had some lively discussions on aluminium-made arrows, Sherlock Homes, and a whole lot more - we even rebelled and refused to move when Rosamicula came around and told us we should go sit on the side of the garden that was well lit. I was drinking on an empty stomach all night and unaware until then we were all sitting in darkness.

Today, I'm dropping by Rosamicula's at some point to borrow all her french books. I'm taking care of them while she's in Sri Lanka until 2011.

Scenes from "Chorus" and a brief wander in Canary Wharf afterwards. "Chorus" is a piece by the British collective United Visual Artists, presented at the Wapping Project (16 June - 18 July 2010). Soundtrack is Motoi Sakuraba's "Floating in the Air" (unrelated to "Chorus").

(I really really need to get a new camera.)
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Look at me in 20 years from now!

Make yourself older

Make yourself older! See your face in 20 years

Via Tarhearted

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Talents are best nurtured in solitude: character is best formed in the stormy billows of the world.--Goethe

To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you, and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations--such is a pleasure beyond compare.--Kenko Yoshida

Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character.--James Russell Lowell

I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.--Albert Einstein

More solitude

V Day

Feb. 14th, 2010 12:44 pm
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Valentine's Day

Roses Aren't
by Patrick Winstanley

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm allergic
Atchoo, Atchoo
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I wouldn't recommend listening to M.R. James' ghost stories just before going to bed. The noise in the rest of the tower block gets amplified, the faint light in the hallway intensifies. Can anyone from outside the UK listen/watch the BBC through the iPlayer? Because James' ghost stories can be found there in case you like spooking yourself.

To us, it was part of that old tradition of listening to ghost stories during Christmas because that's the only time in the year when you are guaranteed protection from the creatures of the night. On Christmas eve itself, we watched the BBC's haunted house three-part series Crooked House. (Unfortunately only the third episode is now available on the iPlayer. Maybe you can find the others if you are a good detective.) They aren't exactly great ghost stories, but they have nice classic elements in each one of them; and the final episode, The Knocker, is genuinely creepy and had me and [ profile] wink_martindale freaked out at one point.

Yesterday, we walked London's deserted streets and ended up visiting the completely abandoned Olympic site, followed by Stratford. It was a bitch realising no public transport was available and we'd have to walk back home. We stopped by a corner shop on Roman Road for some junk food and I picked up a box of Cheerios without realising it had expired in August 09. Later in the evening we spotted a cockroach crawling on our kitchen counter. We are convinced it snuck out of the Cheerios box.

Daffodils )
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The Priory

For any of you who were fans of the TV show Spaced and were wondering what Jessica Stevenson is up to at the moment, she's starring in a very good comedy at the Royal Court called The Priory. In a way she revisits her character from the series (a somewhat failed writer) only this time she's older, slightly more melancholic and stuck in a medieval monastery-cum-weekend getaway for a New Year Eve's party with trainwrecked friends. I loved how natural the dialogue felt - the kind of chit chat I have myself with friends, but funnier - and how some of the characters, in particular the women, were fully fleshed and unforgettable. What's meant to be a relaxing holiday with friends descends into drugs, drinks, The Big Chill soundtrack pumped through an iPhone and a menacing hooded figure that may, or may not, be the ghost of a monk. Everything that could possibly go wrong on a New Year Eve's party, goes wrong - with some funny but also slightly shocking consequences. It's been extended until mid January and I highly recommend it.

Afterwards, [ profile] wink_martindale and I hit Sainsbury's for some Xmas food and last minute gifts. Now I'm listening to some Madge while preparing to make the living room off limits for Wink until I've wrapped presents and placed them underneath our spider plant. Later, I will finish a Xmas story I'm writing and which I wish to post here tomorrow. It's a story about one of you!! Wink is drawing some images to go alongside it too...

Last night, we had a Xmas party with our book club. I won some homemade chutney and a strange contraption that makes my ears glow. It will come in handy when I walk down Regent's Canal at night.

Glowing Ears )
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Twin Cupboards
Originally uploaded by olliefern
Buddy and I watched Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent last night. It was the first time we were properly introduced to his ideas and what he stands for, which is (I think) a form of socialist anarchism that has the potential for being true democracy. The documentary is now dated, filmed when the internet didn't exist and people still permed their hair. Chomsky looks a lot like Buddy's dad and made a lot of sense to me, especially in his criticism of North America's news moguls and blunders by the American government in the past decades. The documentary even presented some of the accusations levelled at Chomsky over the years and then proceeded to destroy them in the best John Stewart way possible, allowing the man to come out intact in the end.

It got us both thinking about politics and why we don't engage more with it. Any of it. And how a lot of Chomsky's predictions in the 80s have come true nowadays, but also how a lot of good has been done (his help to expose, for example, the atrocities in East Timor.)

Have you noticed around London these posters about benefit thieves? The ads are on TV too (saw one last night during The X Factor.) Here it is. These ads show people from working class backgrounds who realistically don't make more than 10 grand a year portrayed as criminals. Let's suppose, theoretically, that the people in these ads stole one grand in benefits. They get caught, prosecuted and ordered to pay back. Perhaps they even get sent to prison. Then let's suppose that in prison they meet 498 other benefit criminals who also stole a grand each. That's 500 thousands pounds in total.

Well, why are there no ads around town, especially in Canary Wharf, targeting bankers who manipulated the financial system for their own greedy reasons until we were all in a mess, and who are now still walking home with millions of pounds in bonuses? Surely one of those bankers is worth more than 500 working class benefit scroungers? These ads strike me as so prejudiced that I'm left wishing the best of luck to any dole scrounger and benefit thief out there.

On a lighter note, I learnt in The Guardian yesterday of this interesting photo game played with Flickr accounts. It's called noticings. I think some of you photographers would enjoy it. To me, it's a good exercise in paying more attention to the environment around you within a set of rules and structure (this month, for example, you get bonus points for photographing red things). It looks like I'm the only person in my borough playing the game so far. Won't you play with me?
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Dear friend
how are you doing? i hope you are fine ,please don,t be suprise to receive my message, my name is Mary Tamba. i came accross your your profile at through friends online websites i decided to communicate with you, because i believe one can find a very good caring, understanding and God fearing person by all means in the world,
i hope to hear from you so that i can tell you more about my self with love and trust, and as well give you my pics, please kindly write me back so that we can know more about each other for further conversation.
yours new friend

Dear Mary,

My name is James and I've got the X Factor. Yes, it's true! I really do. And I'm fine, thank you. How are you? I hope you are well.

It was very kind of you to write. Maybe you heard about me through one of the X Factor fansites? To be honest, you are the first fan to send me an e-mail! LOL. But I'm hoping more will follow your example and stop slagging me off on the forums. And if the Lord is my witness, I'll win this year's X Factor.

Mary, you have no idea how scary it is to be on stage, staring down at Simon, Dannii, Cheryl and Louis! Plus those thousands of people praying you fuck up and get booted off. Thankfully, I made it through the auditions and did well in the Boot Camp. I'm not allowed to tell you if I got to the Final 12 so you'll just have to keep writing to me and watching the telly to find out! LOL.

Here's my photo. Next time I'll try to autograph one for you.

xxxooo James Carvalho

P.S. Is there any song you think would suit my voice and be popular with the viewers?

James Carvalho has the X Factor
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Ever since Sissy Jen's wedding a month ago, I've been wondering what it would be like to marry Kevin. What kind of ceremony would we hold? Would it be a big affair? A small event? And what exactly do gay couples do when they get married? I have never been to a gay ceremony so I was struggling to come up with theoretical ideas.

That is, until a colleague of mine sent me the photos below from an acquaintance's wedding.

These have made me feel really inspired and now I'm looking forward to the day when Kevin and I can be joined in matrimony under the eyes of God, our family and friends. Now I just need to figure out a way to get the money for it!

Inspirations for Mine and Kevin's Dream Wedding )

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