Jul. 12th, 2010 07:28 am
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My aunt was involved in an accident in Brasil, but she wasn't hurt. She was driving in downtown Londrina when somebody hit her car. She was flipped over and had to be saved from her seatbelt by firemen. Here in this footage you can see her being helped into a nee naw by my cousin, as well as both cars post-accident:

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Jardim da Pousada
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I'm back at my mom's guesthouse after a 12-hour bus trip from Londrina. The first 8 hours were done overnight and involved a woman who vomited into all available sick bags near her before panicking when she couldn't find the toilet (the bus had two floors). Her screaming and knocking on the driver's door woke me up but I thankfully never smelled anything or heard her with the sick bags.

I crossed São Paulo in the Metro during rush hour, which wasn't as scary as I imagined, then took a 3-hour bus ride to the guesthouse and arrived around 11am. Lunched and napped for 3 hours. Now my right foot hurts like a Saw prop.

Have some great photos which I'll post tomorrow. Good night!
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I'm in Londrina, visiting family. All my bureaucratic problems with the military were solved within a day, without a hitch (and for less than 2 pounds).  I can now renew my passport and sort out my other legal documents here.  

Took loads of photos. Am taking the midnight bus tomorrow back to my mom's guesthouse: a 12-hour trip.  It's 32 celsius, which is apparently "cool" after a recent heatwave.  Am slightly sunburnt and crawling the shades whenever possible.

My dreams have come true: LJ now accepts Google Analytics! I installed it today and I'm very curious to see what comes up after the first 24 hours.

Say hello to my stalkers.
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Today's Evening Standard comes with a free copy of the first two episodes of Dallas. Score!

Dallas was my first obsession. I'd cry at night because my parents wouldn't let me watch it (my bedtime was 7pm and the show started at 9). South Africa came to a standstill when an episode was shown and, the next day, kids at my kindergarden bragged about being allowed to stay late and watch the show.

I cried so much that one day my mother let me watch one episode. I fell asleep after ten minutes.

In Brasil, episodes were dubbed and shown Saturday night on TV Bandeirantes. One summer, while visiting cousins in Londrina, I was watching an episode by myself in the bedroom (nobody else shared my love) when my aunt came in with a plate of pot noodles in butter and cheese, and a glass of Coke. It was pure heaven.

I'm afraid all those memories will be invoked (and perhaps destroyed) when I watch those first two episodes this weekend.
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Life is quiet, lonely and fast in Londrina. Did I arrive yesterday? Or before yesterday? Time has blended everything together. The TV is on its last legs, the apartment is cold, and my only company is a tiny sausage dog who sleeps all day underneath blankets.

I've burned my retinas on the internet, but even this is becoming boring. Too much internet makes me want to delete this journal. I've been feeling lazy and restless. I wish my boyfriend were here.

I'm scanning photos of myself tomorrow. All ages. I'll be making a post very soon with one photo per year of my life, starting with a newborn one and going all the way to my big 30.
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Passou da meia-noite. Já era pra estar na cama. Bom, como vocês podem ver, estou acordadíssimo, bebendo chazinho de camomila para melhorar a garganta (ainda!), resolvido a escrever algo em portuga. Estou no Brasil, então nada mais apropriado não acha?

Ontem à noite, nas estradas entre São Paulo e Londrina, fiquei pensando nos amigos daqui. O Henrique, por exemplo, tinha tudo para ter ficado irritado comigo nesta última semana. Ele fez de tudo para que eu tivesse a melhor semana possível: ignorou as horas que eu estava chato & mudo, sempre se dispôs a sair comigo mesmo quando estava cansado e de ressaca brava, pensou muitas vezes em mim em primeiro. Em fim, foi um grande amigo. Tambem teve os dias com a Flavia, Adriana, Ricardo, Reco, Renato e Bruno, cada um fazendo o meu tempo em São Paulo ser o melhor possível. Se pudesse, teria me encontrado com a Rita e o Nadím tambem, e tenho certeza que teriamos nos divertido bastante juntos.

Acho que percebi muito nesta viagem como tenho boms amigos aqui, pessoas que não consigo achar igual em outros lugares. Me bateu uma depressão ontem quando eu estava indo para a rodoviária; detesto pensar como fico longe do Brasil por tanto tempo, como os anos vão passando e vou perdendo dias que poderia estar aqui com meus amigos. As escolhas que fiz para morar longe daqui, as vezes, me parecem escolhas erradas.

Nas últimas conversas com o Kevin, ele se mostrou disposto a morar aqui. Acho que ele percebeu que morar perto da minha família e amigos é tão importante quanto ele morar no Canadá. Estamos pensando numa maneira de ficar seis meses lá e seis aqui, revezando nosso tempo entre os dois países. Idéia meio irreal, eu sei, mas coisas mais surreais já aconteceram comigo.

Amanhã, encontro outra grande amiga, a Meire, e provavelmente a Leci tambem. Cada dia, mais razões para largar Londres e morar aqui novamente.
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My last day in São Paulo. My bus to Londrina leaves tonight. I don't feel as if I've said goodbye properly to my friends; I've spent the last days thinking of ways to move back here with Kevin, rent an apartment in the city's downtown area, find a job, learn how to drive again, and let my life continue here. I think Kevin would be happy learning Portuguese, meeting all these lovely brasilians who are so easy to speak and be with.

I'm not touching alcohol for the rest of this week. My body needs downtime to recuperate. And I need to phone or e-mail my boyfriend before he throws all my things out of the window.
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The guy who books my tickets to Brasil used to sleep with a gun underneath his pillow. I know this because his mother-in-law is my mom's best friend. I once had to spend the night in a hotel in Sao Paulo because he'd booked my connecting flight to Londrina the day after I arrived. I was very pissed off. We still use that travel agency because friendships are sometimes thicker than blood.

When I was a kid, my father would sometimes take my brother and I camping near the sea during Summer. We'd spend the whole day at the beach and, at night, I'd read Agatha Christie novels inside the tent until the mosquitoes got the best of me.

When I started smoking pot in high school, I'd make my best friends (Karla, Sue, Susannah and Janet -- yup I was the only boy) watch Siouxsie and the Banshees videos. I thought they were the trippiest videos ever; they laughed at Siouxsie and said she was Robert Smith in drag. I got my revenge when Karla was spooked by the skeleton dancing in the video for "Cities in Dust".

I did mushrooms for the first time in Janet's dorm room in McGill University. She played Abba and I felt like the music was coming to me from another planet. Then I cried during Tracy Chapman's "Drive".

When Kevin and I moved to London, we lived in hostels for two weeks. It was a week exactly after 9/11 and there was a young american student, Aaron, in our room. I still dont' know if he figured out we were a couple. He'd go jogging in Hyde Park in the morning, wear a shirt and tie to the theatre (which he would attend by himself); he was from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and he had native blood.
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Two pigeons were shagging beside me while I ate my lunch. Eventhough there was a thick glass window between us, I could almost hear all the cooing as they moved through their tantric positions.

Spring must be around the corner. A new wave of people have descended upon my local pool, interested in getting fit for the Summer. On Monday, I spotted a young guy in the locker room. I'm so used to seeing the usual 90 year olds that I almost embarrassed myself by gaping at his body for far too long as he bent down to slip on his swimming trunks. I must have been half asleep.

I hadn't been back to the pool since my fall in the bathtub. But after only two sessions, I've already been hit by bad luck again: my throat is experiencing that most annoying "hrm hrm" symptom of germ infestation. I won't let those little bastards keep me down: I've bought some powerful Blackcurrant Halls and I'm drinking enough cups of tea to generate a piece of art installation called "My Niagara Falls Penis".

When I get to Brasil, I want to return to that swimming pool in Londrina I discovered last year. I could do with a personal trainer telling me to do 500 laps holding a board and alternating my breathing. It's that kind of pain that gets you in shape. One of my co-workers will be travelling through Brasil around the same time as me. I'm planning on meeting up with her in Sao Paulo, or at least arranging for her to stay at my mom's farm. My flight leaves a month from today. As the date approaches, expect the usual paranoid post where I fret about who will get my possessions when my plane sinks in the Atlantic ocean.
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So lovely to hang out with Meire today. She came by my place and we went to a little bakery type of place. I brought photos from my farm in Minas Gerais, where my mom is building a kind of hotel, and we talked for a few hours...

but the maracuja juice I had did some nasty stuff to my bowels! I'll spare you the details. It might also have to do with the weather... it's so hot right now, I feel like the air is choking me.

Hey, do any of you want to see naked pics of Warren, from Duran Duran? He posed for a gay magazine in Brazil and I found the site...

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Hey, I saw Meire today and we hung out for a good while at her apartment. Unfortunately, her phone got disconnected so she will only be able to get back online tomorrow... so she says hi to everyone!

Londrina feels like a gigantic dry sauna. No matter where you are, how deep is the shade you hide inside, the heat gets to you. It feels, all the time, as if the air is hugging you. It is okey with me since I'd rather have this than bleak cold London... but I foresee my patience running out soon if it doesn't rain.

I'm spending the day tomorrow at my Godmother's. She has a pool... you just wait and see, I'm getting meself a tan before I go back (even if I have to pour cooking oil on my skin!)
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Ahhh... we had some red wine, talked about tons of stuff. We even gossiped about you lot for a little while! :)
So nice to see Meire. I told her she is more than welcome to stay with me for a while in London, until she gets settled there (in case she wants to teach English there.) Who knows what can happen? There seems to be so many jobs in London these days...

The days are going by fast in Londrina... I want them to stop! I want to enjoy the sun a little longer, the food, the drinks, everything...

I'm going to make myself a rum and coca-cola and come back

P.S. It's rum and coca-cola because of the song "commonpeople"

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I've arrived, safe and sound. Guess what? I sat beside a transexual in my flight, with really bad breath!! Euuuu! She slept with her mouth wide open and the bad smell didn't allow me any sleep.

But I took a nice nap when I got home, cuddled with Tete, and Meire will be over soon. Have lots of catching up to do.

Hope all is well with everyone...

smoochie smooooooooch
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I leave for Brazil tomorrow... it's hard to believe right now. I woke up this morning at 8 o'clock and there was no light outside. The city has been covered by this dark greyness for days now, sometimes by fog, and it's very depressing... energy draining.

I must go on about Ladytron's new album. It's absolutely the best thing right now, I can't believe how many holes it has drilled into my skull... I wonder if it makes perfect sense because of the dark weather? Maybe it won't be the same listenting experience once I'm in the Red Foot land (that's what people call Londrina)


wish me luck because I hate flying! I hope it goes by fast.

Meire, I'll arrive in Londrina on Sunday, around 11.30 am... I'll try calling you later that day!!!

Talk to you soooooooooooooooooonnnn!!!
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This time next week I'll be in LONDRINA!!!

hot days, no rain, dog poopoo in the living room, dancing to "the lovecats" for the cats, listening to Ladytron's Light and Magic, eating Rosca, rice and beans and downing cool glasses of watermelon juice, watching terrible soap operas and laughing at Silvio Santos' laugh.

God damn right it's a beautiful day... NOT!

It's cold and gray and no wonder Jack the Ripper came from England.
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Hi, beautiful people!!!!!!
Sorry if I´m being kinda "absent"...
Still missing you all a lot...

Until last week there was this great possibility of coming back to Londrina at the end of the year, but not anymore.

Hey, Ollie!!! You´re gonna be in Londrina!!!!! I´ll do whatever I can to go there and see you, ok?
And all of you (Todão, Karina, Jú...), too!!!!

Want some hot weather?
Temperature here now: 41ºC (it´s 8:38 a.m.)

Love and kisses...

Lê Léca
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I'm glad November is starting soon... it gets me closer to the 11th of December, when I leave England for Brasil...

Can't wait to see my friends in Londrina, my family, Tete... it's going to be great, I know.


you have to tell me which of my cds I should bring back for you to burn... I'll post a list soon so you can decide.


are you coming to Londrina at the end of the year to visit? It would be great to see you.

Everyone else, have a great week.

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Hey... Imet up with Luciana yesterday. It was very good. We talked about loads of stuff, about Londrina, all of you. I told her Meire that you left the school, and that Juliano died his hair green (is that correct?)

What we really want to know is:

are there any juicy gossips from "you know where"?

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Oi, Ollie e Ju e Karina!!!
Tudo beleza com vocês?

Falei com a Rose agora mesmo por telefone. É que eu tinha umas coisinhas pra conversar com ela que eram meio urgentes... Ela mandou dizer que está bem mas que ainda está sem telefone... Logo ela volta...

Por aqui, tudo indo... Muito slow motion... Tá super complicado fazer negócio. Mas eu vou tentando. Uma hora TEM que dar certo, né?

Estou indo pra Londrina na quinta-feria. Tomara que encontre o pessoal dessa vez, né, Jú? Pena que você não está por aqui Ollie...

Ahhh! Não deixe de avisar quando a revista vai estar disponível para nós, pobres mortais, certo?

Um super beijo pra todos!!!

Lê Léca
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had a strange night of sleeplessness. I woke up around 3 in the morning and I could hear many planes flying overhead, loudly... and some kind of weird siren that followed them, with its noise prolonguing in the air...

I thought of Aliens!

I also wish I had told Ronise last night about Kevin, because I want her to know! I think she is lovely... it makes me sad to know that Leci and her don't get along... because they are both great people.

Rainy day... I think I'll make some m i x t a p e s.

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